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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Smart Bro Speed

As promised earlier, I would capture Smart Bro speed test screenshots so you would have an idea how fast it really is.

I conducted speed tests on the following online web speedometers: McAffee, SpeedTest.Net, 2Wire.com, and CNET.com. I will also include a screenshot of the Smart Bro interface showing the transport rate, receive rate, and the wireless protocol available at the time of the test.

Here they are:

McAffee Internet Connection Speedometer




Smart Bro

I'm not getting similar results but if we exclude the Smart Bro UI, the download speeds range from about 240 kbps to 500 kbps. Not bad, if you ask me. These speeds were brought to us by an HSDPA connection, so you can expect slower speeds if your location only has 3G, or even GPRS signals. 

The varying results could be mainly because the protocol signals change from time to time. In my current location (Baptist Mission Road, Banilad, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines), which is not within the city's main thoroughfares, the signals alternate between 3G and HSDPA. We may expect much faster speeds in the downtown area since the telcos will understandably provide access to faster speeds in densely populated areas.

If you're a web-based freelance writer in the Philippines like myself, these upload and download Smart Bro speed ratings can be sufficient for your needs; unless of course your writing job requires you to watch online streaming videos. Uploading large files during submissions might also be a pain in the ass. 

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