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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blogger and Netbook - The Perfect Match

Netbooks are fast becoming saviors of the computer industry.

While the global financial crisis has driven people to resist the urge to upgrade their desktop computers or notebooks, many of them find shelling out between $300 - $400 for a mini-version of the latter way below what might be considered extravagant.

The price, more than anything else, has made potential buyers curious enough to try out what it has to offer. A closer look and an eventual purchase has apparently turned a good percentage of the curious cats into contented cows. That percentage has been good enough to keep computer manufacturers alive at a time when technology has become a hard product to sell.

That said, I am just curious as to what fraction of that number is made up of bloggers. The reason being that I see this gadget as one that's best suited for them; or us ... although I still have to save up for one.

Let's just have a quick look at their main qualities:

  1. Capable of performing basic blogging tasks - You can install and run basic office applications like word processors and spreadsheets. In fact, if you use Web-based applications like Google Docs, which are readily accessible from the Web, you don't have to perform any installation whatsoever plus. What's more, since your documents will be stored online, you won't be needing high capacity hard disks (although most of them already have them anyway)

  2. Long battery life - With today's models, it would be easy to find a netbook capable of running in full work-mode (that means, you'd be composing an article with WiFi on as you access the Internet) for at least 4 hours. Some are even touted to run up to 9 hours.

  3. Packed w/ excellent connectivity features - Since WiFi is a minimum requirement, you can be sure that you can access your Web-based apps as well as your Web-stored documents anywhere there is an Internet connection.

  4. Portable - Lightweight and literally handy, these devices are easy to pack and carry anytime.

  5. and most of all, inexpensive (considering those qualities)

Put those qualities together, and you've got the perfect blogging device.

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